Forty thousand kilometres with "Wood"

Snoerie made his first outlanding in 1959, together with Piet de Waard, chairman and instructor from the club, during a training flight. Piet was too optimistic and could not reach the airfield. Snoerie could write in his flight log "Training outlanding." The glider was a Goevier side-by-side two-seater. Registration PH-178.  

So far Snoerie has made 440 cross-country flights with wooden gliders. 


- Silver level (50 kilometres/5 hours/1000 metres altitude) was flown with Grunau IIa and IIb.-
- 5000 metres altitude in Aosta (Italy) with Ka-6 E. - 
- The golden distance of 314 kilometres with Ka-6 from Eindhoven to Verden Scharnhorst near Bremen
  in Germany -


The out and return with Ka 6 of 320 kilometres was never approved. The chief-instructor of the club thought it necessary to change the battery from the logger before printing the data!!!!!!!!!!!! Diamond gone.


The distance of 40.000 kilometres with wooden gliders was passed overhead the castle of Béruges, during an out and return cross-country flight from Poitiers to Maison Blanches in France. 



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