The Ka-7 Rhönadler was designed by Rudolf Kaiser and built by Alexander Schleicher Flugzeugbau Gmbh & Co. Poppenhausen/Wasserkuppe Germany.

For a period of 10 years, beginning in 1956, they built 499 gliders of this type. A further 21 were built under license. The Rhönadler is a development of the Rhönschwalbe, the only significant difference being that it has a steel tube fuselage instead of a wooden frame. In an effort to preserve the aerodynamic qualities of the wooden fuselage, the steel fuselage is covered with a pre-formed plywood skin. Otherwise this aircraft is of normal wooden construction and its dimensions and performance are identical to that of the Rhönschwalbe. The main feature of the glider is a slight sweep forward of the wing, for the purpose of improving the view of the second pilot. 

Up until 1979 the club used the PH-314 mainly as a trainer. Henk van der Heijden and Fred Docters flew the first cross-country flight on August 3 1969. Distance 85 kilometres, from Venlo to Wenningfeld in Germany. In order to practice a field landing they landed just one mile north of airfield Stadlohn. 

In 1979, the club decided to replace the Ka-7 and ordered a K-13, a glider with a better performance and more suitable for training. 
Henk van der Heijden and his friends took over the Ka-7. At that time the glider had made 13497 launches with 2420 hours of flight time. The intention of the team was to fly as much as possible, especially cross-country flights. Moreover flying with a two-seater is a lot of fun for two. The first cross-country flight happened only a few days after the purchase in 1979. Unfortunately Murphy must have been along for the ride, as they lost the left wing in Antwerp during transport back home. 

Believe me, during all those years the pilots have had a lot of fun, flying a large number of long and exciting flights. However, they have also made a lot of outlandings due to he limited performance of the Ka-7. But that is the challenge and adventure.


Survey 1979 - 2011






Cross-country flights:   

Out landings:    246
Largest distance:   

465 kilometres

18 April 1981: Eindhoven - Aube (F)

Henk van der Heijden - Flip Damen

Largest Polygon flight and largest Triangle flight:   

372 (OLC) kilometres Polygon flight with 4 turningpoints

03 August 2007: Poitiers-La Chartre-La Ferriere-Poitiers-La Ferriere- Poitiers.

Henk van der Heijden - Ad van der Velden

335 kilometres Triangle flight

30 May 1990: Axel-Wiverness(F)-Denain(F)-Axel

Henk van der Heijden - Ad van der Velden

Largest Out and Return flight:   

312 kilometres

30 July 1995: Poitier - Mer - Poitier (F)

Henk van der Heijden and  Ad van der Velden

Highest altitude:   

3240 metres

6 August 2003 above Chauvigny France

Henk van der Heijden - Maurits Dekkers

Longest flight:   

7 hours 30 minutes

3-8-1983 Axel

Henk van der Heijden - Jos Heesakkers

Number of Out and Return flight + Triangle flights      above 300 km:     21